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June 26, 2018

Endrim have recently completed Phase One of the Mirvac customer and visitor experience definition. The project requires us to articulate guidelines for the delivery of quality ground plane experiences across the Office and Industrial Portfolio.

The Mirvac Office & Industrial business unit spent several months doing in depth research to better understand their customers.  Subsequently, they have restructured their business to adopt a more customer centric structure and are applying this new approach to everything they do. One of the big areas to focus on is the ground plane and lobbies of the buildings within their portfolio.  

Working in collaboration with Brickfields Consulting, we facilitated nation-wide site audits of primary commercial offices, conducted interviews and creative workshops with key stakeholders to gain insight into the current business offering while identifying  a set of touch points that will have positive impacts on a customers journey.

Phase one, saw the submittal ‘Vision and Framework Document’, summarises the key findings from the vision session and provides the framework for the delivery of the guidelines. The guidelines will address future challenges, opportunities and design that evokes engaging social interactions, promotes a sense of community and has the potential to enrich the quality of people’s lives in meaningful and memorable ways, everyday.

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