Winten Property Group


Human Centred

Our design focuses on a human-centric workplace by incorporating lifestyle strategies known as 'life is for living'. This represents who Winten are and how they do business, at the core — their approach to creating new communities.

Winten are moving into a new office located at 100 Arthur Street, this marks the start of a new era where working environments will evolve to promote more welcoming, collaborative and inspirational spaces that tell the rich story of Winten's legacy.

The ultimate expression of life is living and the workspaces have been crafted with these principals in mind to enrich lives. Bringing the brand to life with an atmosphere of meticulous design detail that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. ​Through our design journey we have transformed the workplace, turning mundane tasks into small pleasurable rituals by adding human qualities and simple day-to-day pleasures.

Ultimately, Endrim has fit-for purpose in every way — with each environment designed to its core objectives — for the people, culture and the workplace.