Bowery Lane


human-centric experience

Located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD at 1 O’Connell Street, Bowery Lane was designed to embody the spirit of the oldest thoroughfare on Manhattan Island in New York.

The cafe and restaurant combines farmers market concepts with industrial chic streets, taking its inspiration from the once agricultural then high society suburb of early 1800s. As part of the solution, Endrim connected authentic human-centric experience by introducing the farm-to-table concept, the kitchen is located at the heart, where guests can watch all the action.

A holistic approach was taken to integrate the brand, strategy, and interior design, creating distinctive characteristics with carefully considered textures and rustic materials. The black metal framed glazing on the facade establishes a strong street presence and distinguishes Bowery Lane from its corporate surroundings.

Nestled within the interconnected bustling streetscape and building lobby, an oversized communal table supports the breakdown of barriers and invites the local community to dine and interact — together contributing to the great atmosphere all day long.