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Moving away from a traditional gym approach, we re-defined what ‘exercise’ means by creating a holistic ‘Health and Wellness’ concept that goes far beyond physical fitness. It celebrates the ‘Mind and Body’ through a focus on ‘7 Dimensions of Wellness’.

8 step process outlining the successful steps we undertook in the 'design' phase.

Step 1

Vision / Positioning

Step 2

Activation Strategies

Step 3

Roadmap Brand

Step 4

Roadmap Experience

Step 5

Creators Club (Sub Brands)

Step 6

Creators Club (Hubs)

Step 7

Sub-Brand Tiers

Step 8

Characteristics of the brands

Creating a set of ‘sub-brands’ provided a range of brand experiences, purposes and services that align to different market segments and audiences.

The seven hub locations will feature seven sensory experiences that individually tell a story to support Virgin Active business shift towards human values. Creators Club are responsible for producing new content and products that are always evolving. These filters up/down throughout each club to keep them fresh, current, activated and connected.

Working together, this holistic approach places people at the centre; every aspect has been carefully curated. It’s about being freed from typical exercise expectations and being ready to experience more.