JLL Asia Pacific HQ, Singapore



JLL Asia Pacific HQ, Singapore

JLL Workplace Experience articulates the strategic design intent JLL aims to achieve. The strategy illustrates what experiences JLL will cater for and how this will impact JLL employees and guests.

8 step process outlining the successful steps we undertook in the 'Strategy' phase.

Step 1

Vision / Positioning

Step 2

Key Objectives

Step 3

Community Values

Step 4

Cultural Programs

Step 5

Activation Strategies

Step 6

Client App

Step 7

Project Pillars

Step 8

Future Proofing

These strategies support the principle vision to create a ‘Great Workplace’, ‘Inspire People’ and demonstrate the idea that JLL is ‘Better Together’. JLL is built on teamwork ‘Better Together’ is a vision for the future JLL workplace and is represented through a variety of experiences.

At JLL, community comes first. The moment you arrive you are immersed in our vibrant atmosphere, created by diverse people and hospitality driven spaces that are activated, energised, and authentic.

One Community is about developing experience strategies and ecosystems that people naturally gravitate towards. The stage tells a story about who JLL are; connected, activated and community rich. The workplace is likened to a showroom, allowing for a real time demonstration of the fact that relationships are at the centre of everything they do. This space enables JLL to share their stories and give their employees a platform to share their ideas - empowering people.

Providing productive, collaborative spaces and technologies that support daily interaction and collaboration.

It is about enhancing performance with a range of different workspaces to support different working styles. These spaces are flexible with seamlessly integrated technology. “Better Together” goes beyond teamwork. It encapsulates everything that JLL do, from the experiences they provide to the relationships they cultivate. It is about both the employees and the clients coming together to build a strong JLL community that thrives everyday. It is the notion that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.